Clinics Design

Clinics Design

We offer excellent interior designing for clinics and medical facilities, taking into consideration both engineering standards and the medical requirements of the Ministry of  health.

This service is based on engineering drawings that include all the information required to be constructed on site. These drawings include:

  • Initial Sketchs: (Free) Is presented at first site visit.
  • Archetecture Drawings and zoning.
  • Furniture Drawings and utilities.
  • Mechanical Drawings (Sewage and water drawings).
  • Lighting and Electrical Drawings.
  • IT and HDMI Drawings.
  • Control and Fire System Drawings (CCTV).
  • Sound System Drawings.
  • Wooden Works Drawings.Doors.
  • Windows and Glass Drawings.
  • 3D Shoots.
  • Bill Of Quantities (BOQ).

Executing Clinical Projects

We excel at executing medical projects in a way that exemplify the designed engineered details, while taking into consideration the agreed-on total cost, the estimated time period will be taken into account, which also might change or vary according to the project circumstances, suggested enhancements or required changes requested by our customers.

The project value will be presented according to the relevant bill of quantity. The costs will be discussed thoroughly, and material alternatives will be suggested according to the customer’s capacity. Payments will be deposited into the establishment account depending on the completion rate.

Projects Managment

Capitolias will supervise, manage and plan projects as a contractors without financially dealing with other contractors assigned by the agent. This service is strictly engineering-related without interfering with other financial matters. We exclnsivly manage the projects designed by Capitolias.

Managing clinical projects is valid for projects that have a value of over 75,000$ without the expenses of the medical equipment. An actual percentage of the cost will be given without any exceptions. This percentage will be added to the sum on the bills given to the custmers to  be withdrawn later.

Supervision And Site Visits

We offer on-site visits for the projects that we designed where we agree with the customers on the number of visits and their schedules that depends on the level of completion while taking into consideration some executive matters that will be explained to the contractor responsible of executing the project.

The specialized team will deliver their notes to the contractor in order to fix the issues and then photograph the adjustments.